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Moulin a Vent Vieilles Vignes


Delimited in 1924, the “Moulin à Vent” vineyard consists of shallow soils based on granite. Rich in manganese, this terroir brings a lot of wealth. The wines are often compared with their cousins Burgundy Côte d’Or.

Cultivation area : 663 ha.

Cuvee & Tasting

Pleasant smells round and balanced, straight and pleasant, this wine reveals rounded tannins, flows and fruits aromas. The “Moulin à vent” has a good length and a very delicious taste. It is powerful and supported with a beautiful structure.

As strong as harmonious, The “Moulin a vent” accompanies festive meal perfectly, hence its typical designation


Mature grapes, manually-harvested of vines of about sixty years, exclusively on Gamay grapes variety.

Wine pairing

Grilled piece of beef, deer leg meat or beef bourguignon.

Aging potential

From 12 and 14°C, keeping between 4 to 5 years in cellar


Selected by Guide Hachette 2018 2 stars