Since 1825

Here is the oldest domain of Morgon village, where Arnaud learned to work in the vines, alongside his grandfather, Jean-Pierre Aucoeur, with all the requirements of that job.

Since centuries ago, the domain Aucoeur works in the respect of the traditions and realizes all the production manually. Every day, the little boy learns to work with the meticulous advices provided by his grandfather. From planting new vines to harvest, all the grandfather’s gestures were made 150 years ago.

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Considered as the king of his heart, Arnaud remembers the hours spending with his grandfather, raising, caring and cherishing the grapes of 8 generations’ labor.

Over the years, the young Arnaud on his cross bike, travels the neighboring vineyards and looks at them thoughtfully with as much charm as the first day.

Day after day, he is fascinated by the men and the fruits that constitute the wealth of this soil, and begins to think about the possibilities to further promote his native land.

Once in secondary school, Arnaud quickly matures and initiates dialogue and trading with customers that he advises better than anyone.

Very curious and open mind, he knows everything about wines, vines and men, He becomes the brand promoter and the reference of Aucoeur wines.

Guided by a great desire for discovery, transmission and sharing, Arnaud fills his notebook after each meeting, that change more and more to a specific taste, quality and emotional notebook.

At the age of 18, the young man who is as brilliant in high school as in the field gets his A Level degree and surprises everybody when he decides to complete his studies with a BTEC in oenology.

More than learning provided by the Aucoeur family from generation to generation since 1825, Arnaud considers this training like a business opportunity by developing his knowledge on logistics and distribution, technological innovations, precious meetings and experiences.

Through each of the teachings, he outlines the plan that he will develop later with his soul mate, in other to realize his dream: to discover the greatest number of inexhaustible wealth of his native land, Beaujolais.

Then, a special encounter with a young woman will change the life of the vintner and the whole family Aucoeur. Arnaud meets Melanie, one of his classmates in high school that “the country mouse” was despaired to seduce one day.

During a dinner organized for the alumni where both participate, the magic operates. Melanie is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences and is preparing a master’s degree in Logistics and Quality. Arnaud meanwhile begins a complementary training in wine marketing in Montpellier.

Despite the distance and without knowing it, the two lovers write the first pages of Volume 11 of the Aucoeur family.

While continuing his studies, Arnaud buys all the vineyards of his aunt, and thus obtains the oldest family domain of Morgon that he manages entirely.

Vignoble Aucoeur - 2018

You have to be elitist with your vines to offer wines of ever greatest quality, but it is a mistake to be so with your customers. Discovering, sharing and transmitting are the values that motivate me. my job makes sense when it satisfies the greatest number.

After the birth of their first son, Arnaud, heir of 10 generations, wishes to continue the family tradition and to carry on the name Aucoeur.

During that period, Melanie is a manager in a Lyon-based company. So they decide to develop a project that enables them to build an efficient organization and to help them discover their different talents and then contribute to the development of the domain.

The project becomes effective in 2005: Melanie take care of the cellar, staff management, administration, and quality commitment. In the other hand, Arnaud is in charge of vines, wine making and distribution.

The coming of Melanie offers new perspectives to the Domain. The field is structured and offers a higher level of quality. Orders are more and more important and the domain offers a unique experience for onéo-tourism lovers from around the world.

VILLIE MORGON: land of Beaujolais Vineyard

Since 1825, Aucoeur’s name is associated with the village of Villié-Morgon.

Villié-Morgon is a small municipality located in the center of the Beaujolais vineyards territory. This region of the southern of Bourgogne includes some of the great vineyards called “Beaujolais rouges”. It connects the plain of Saone, from Belleville (Blue Beaujolais) to the softwood forests of Haut Beaujolais (Green Beaujolais).

Despite wonderful landscapes composed of hills and plains, forests, rivers and meadows, Beaujolais is first famous for its vineyards. Its name comes from Beaujeu, the historic capital, whose lords have always been linked to the crown of France.

Villié-Morgon lives naturally at the rhythm of the vineyards and of its seasons: dressed in bright colors in autumn, covered with grapes in the summer, verdant in spring and resting in winter.

The village organizes shows throughout the year. So many opportunities to visit us…

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