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Morgon appellation : our family history

At Vignoble Aucoeur, Morgon wines is stepped in our family history.

It’s the first historic appellation has been produced and vinificated in our cellar.

Morgon : the oldest crus appellation of Beaujolais vineyard

From the Villié-Morgon terroir, which is where this appellation gets its name, Morgon is one of famous Beaujolais cru. Morgon wines are found in 6 well-known sites in the Beaujolais region: Les Charmes, La Côte du Py, les Micouds, les Grands Cras, Corcelette and Douby.

This soil consists of decomposing schist and molten rock, hence its rather uninviting nickname. Nevertheless, it is precisely this crumbly earth that gives Morgon its character and power.

Morgon does credit to the Beaujolais region by taking the intense nature of the soil where it is grown and making it even better, thanks to its bouquet of mature stone fruit. But its power resides in its unusual aromas of kirsch. Our Morgon wine are unique!

At Vignoble Aucoeur, Morgon « Côte du Py » Arnaud Aucoeur is one of the best seller of our cellar.

If there is one Beaujolais appellation that you’ll often find in cellars, it’s Morgon. Tending towards the excellent, this rich, powerful wine has an aging potential of a dozen years. It is a wine of exceptional, hidden power that reveals its secrets after a few years. Morgon wines have a deep garnet robe that arouses people’s curiosity and attracts foodies. To enhance its intensity and complement its delicious range of flavours, it should be served with powerfully flavoured food like beef Bourguignon, grilled red meat or a nice cheese course.

Morgon wines are full-bodied and robust and have established themselves as the flagship crus in the Beaujolais, as they are an intense expression of the terroir that creates them. Drawing their strength from a soil that on the face of it appears to be rather unwelcoming, they manage to extract the best from it and harmonise all the flavours of their bouquet over the years. If you are a collector looking for unique, well-structured wines, you absolutely must have some bottles of Morgon in your wine cellar!

Especially Morgon Côte du Py Arnaud Aucoeur !