Aucoeur collection

“Firstly, we have the vines, their tone, their personality, and behind these, there is always a man, a family, the time and so many sacrifices to raise them. That’s why every first meet has its own perfume”.

“When I search around the ways, I become anxious. I like to imagine that this emotion is the same that felt by a gold digger, but the greatness of a discovery is to be able to share it, and it is this seek that leads me to take the shortcuts, so steep that the treasures they shelter are most often ignored. “


Arnaud’s aim is to discover grapes of a higher quality, sublimating them by a very strict winemaking process to increase his product range.

For him, everything is a question of balance between tradition and modernity. It is necessary to work in the respect of the viticulturists, of the way they are working, and to reveal all the potential of the Aucoeur winemaker. It is the balance that makes it possible to obtain the best wines which gives to Aucoeur a particular signature.

“The vines we select have a high level of quality and do not always require my intervention. We trust the work of viticulturists. But, I am the one in charge of the whole winemaking management. Our priority is to provide traditional wines with a modern twist. That is the Aucoeur signature”.


Discover and share the wealth of its land: these are the fundamental values ​​of the Aucoeur family. Through the many meetings made in the Beaujolais, Arnaud sometimes discovers intimate vineyards, made with more love than resources and which invite for a journey, like the perfume of a coconut oil in the middle of January.

“Sometimes, I discover wines as extraordinary as unknown. The work in the vineyard already takes a lot of time. In addition, we need too much time for the wine production. I feel lucky when I to discover a wine of a rare quality, so I do not seek to transform it, but just to share that discovery. In that fact, we manage the marketing, from the bottling to the supply logistics. At the end, we make a co-signature ( Aucoeur and the winemaker) to value his work and bring our support”.

Vignoble Aucoeur - 2018