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Morgon Tradition Vieilles Vignes


After the Brouilly, the second most important wine is located on Villié Morgon. The Gamay grapes variety is well-structured, generous, and fruity with aromas like cherry, kirsch and apricot.

The Morgon can be stored for a long time and can have the appearance of Burgundy

Cultivation area : 1 079 ha.

Cuvee & Tasting

This is the first Cuvée of the ACOEUR family winemaker. Morgon wine borned in 1825 in Villié. It is the emblem of our know-how and family heritage. This wine has a wealth, original and special taste. The Morgon has intense Kirsch aroma. The density and complexity of its bouquet appeal to a particular taste for its richness and its potential storage.


Mature grapes, manually-harvested of vines of about fifty years, exclusively on Gamay grapes variety.

Wine pairing

Rib of beef, Coq-au-vin, game or cheese platter.

Aging potential

From 12 and 14°C, keeping between 4 to 5 years in cellar.


Golden Medal – Concours des Vins Beaujolais Maconnais – Saint Vincent 2017

Selected by Guide Hachette 2018