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The vine pruning at Vignoble Aucoeur

Gobelet wine pruning : a typical Beaujolais pruning

Winter season sings "Vine Pruning"

At Vignoble Aucoeur the quality of any wine originates with the vine. That’s why we take such good care of our vines throughout the year with different jobs that need to be done in exclusively by hands.

During the winter season, we practice « gobelet » vine pruning. It’s a short pruning technique that shapes the vine into a crown. With our Chardonnay, we used to practice a guyot technical pruning.

This takes place between November and March, and we are checking the quality of each plant.

During this period, we come face-to-face with each and every one of the vine plants on our land. It is an intimate moment between us and our vine. We definie ourself the way of our vine : it’s the most important task of the year. Vine pruning determines the quantity of grappes for the next vintage

But it is also the time to replace stakes and broken wires, to dig over the soil for the first time, to organize the growing up of our plant

It’s the most natural exciting period !